Vinca Minor Best Value in Ground Cover Plants

August 17th, 2014

Vinca Minor ground cover?is one of the more versatile and best value invinca minor ground cover blue flowers?ground cover plants. This?fast growing ground cover?grows in either sun or shade. The dark green?evergreen leaves?provide a lovely backdrop for the periwinkle blue blooms in spring. The hardy strong growing?Vinca Minor?is a good choice?groundcover for hillsides, in shaded areas, poor soil, and other barren areas. Also referred to as?creeping myrtle,?trailing periwinkle,?creeping myrtle,?vinca minor?can be contained in specific areas by using edging.?Rejuvenate old vinca ground cover plants?by cutting it back by about half. Bag the clippings so that they don’t fall and root in unwelcomed areas.


Vinca Minor is available in 3 inch pots.?Buy vinca as bare root plants?and save. Our 50 plant bare root bundles are?affordable garden plants. Cover more area with these?discounted ground cover plants.


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